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Jazz Guitar: History, Architecture & Performance Characteristics

Howard Paul

President and CEO, Benedetto Guitars Inc

Aug 25.


This workshop typically given to college and university jazz programs is entitled “Jazz Guitar: History, Architecture & Performance Characteristics.”   It covers the design of the guitar, how it entered the jazz genre in 1922 with the original design of the Gibson L-5, and throughout the evolution of electronics, the players instrumental in its development (Charlie Christian, Wes Montgomery, Les Paul, etc.), and the materials, designs, and construction techniques that give different styles and manufacturers the jazz voice.   The workshop is presented by Howard Paul, President and CEO of Benedetto Guitars, and a professional jazz guitarist and recording artist.  This seminar has been presented at The National Guitar Museum, National Guitar Workshop, Smithsonian Institution Jazz Cafe, Musicians Institute, The Juilliard School, Berkeley College of Music, and at workshops and conservatories throughout the US and Europe.

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