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Savannah Art Curation at Perry Lane

The selected works

Assembling grand artwork collections has always been a tradition in Savannah. This is why we enlisted the help of our muse, Adelaide Harcourt, the inspiration of all things Perry Lane. Rethinking the traditional, our eclectic local art collection was created in collaboration with NINE dot ARTS. Peruse works by some of the best young artists in Savannah today, all within the walls of a boutique hotel.

Welcome to Savannah’s joie de vivre!

Artwork in Public Spaces

Theatrical delivery

The single vision of our muse and grande dame, Adelaide Harcourt, guides Perry Lane’s art program. Inspired by the hotel’s design, the art collection — eclectic, worldly, idiosyncratic and brimming with sophistication, wit and intrigue — seems amassed over a lifetime. The combination of family heirlooms, travel mementos and contemporary art imbues the hotel with a richly textured, fully-lived life.

Adelaide, the descendant of a long line of financiers with a penchant for collecting, has lived most of her life in Savannah, yet traveled the globe from New York to Paris to Istanbul. A former modern dancer, she is passionate about literature and visual art. Her genuine warmth and hospitality make everyone, especially artists, feel at home.

Artwork & Collectibles in Guest Rooms 

Worldly elegance

For the guest room artwork, the habits of individual collectors helped to establish Adelaide’s collecting patterns and develop thematic concepts. As a former dancer, she is drawn to images of dancers, especially in black-and-white photography, that showcase the exquisite lines of the human form in motion. She loves ornate patterns and vibrant color, epitomized by exotic birds and their intricately patterned and colored feathers. As the only living member of the Harcourt family, Adelaide treasures keepsakes such as family letters, performance programs and travel souvenirs. The guest rooms provide an intimate glimpse into Adelaide’s history.

Letter from Adelaide

Perry Lane’s inspiration

Welcome to my beloved Savannah and Perry Lane Hotel. In my seventy-plus years, I’ve had many loves — my parents, brother, artists, dance, peacocks, even a few good men. However, it wasn’t until I was well into my thirties that I realized my deepest, most long-standing love: Savannah. In my youth I tried to escape, spending several years traveling and collecting. It took me a long time to discover that Savannah was always with me, deeply embedded in my very bones. I finally came to appreciate the place that shaped me, and I wanted to pay homage to my city and home, and to celebrate its people, cultures, structures, history, and future. I determined that building a hotel would open a door for the world to Savannah’s joie de vivre. Nestled among churches, parks, restaurants and homes, Perry Lane Hotel straddles the past and present much as it straddles the lane. Welcoming yet unexpected, imbued with Southern comfort, showcasing aestheticism, and regaling us with stories, Perry Lane invites you in. Join me in exploring the love of my life — Savannah. ~ Adelaide