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About Us

Welcome to Peregrin, Savannah's Premier Rooftop Conservatory

Nestled atop the Perry Lane Hotel, Peregrin is not just a bar but a destination, a retreat that stands high above the ordinary. Our space is an ode to the adventurous spirit and elegant taste of our muse, Adelaide Harcourt, whose legacy is woven into every detail of Perry Lane and comes to life in the lush expanse of Peregrin.

Our rooftop conservatory blends the timeless charm of Savannah with a modern, botanical twist. Each visit offers an escape into a world where architecture and nature intertwine seamlessly, creating an environment that encourages exploration and relaxation. Here, amidst the sprawling views of Savannah's historic district and the sweeping skies, you’ll find a sanctuary that celebrates the joy of gathering, the art of conversation, and the sheer pleasure of moments well spent.

At Peregrin, every cocktail tells a story, every dish is a voyage. Our menu is a curated collection of botanical cocktails and international street food, inspired by Adelaide’s travels around the globe. From the vibrant flavors of a distant land to the subtle nuances of a familiar garden, our offerings are designed to transport you, offering a taste of the exotic and the comforting embrace of home.

As the peacock of the party, Peregrin embodies grace, elegance, and an unapologetic zest for life. Our conservatory is your playground, a place to shine brightly, to celebrate your unique journey, and to immerse yourself in the artistry of nature and design.

To learn more about the Peregrin, click here.