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Peregrin and SCADPro

A Partnership of Innovation and Design

At Peregrin, our vision extends beyond the ordinary, reaching into the extraordinary realms of creativity and design. This vision has been brought to life through our dynamic partnership with SCADPro, Savannah College of Art and Design's elite collaborative innovation studio. Together, we've embarked on a journey to reimagine the essence of rooftop leisure, blending the historic charm of Savannah with cutting-edge design and artistic innovation.

This collaboration has resulted in a rooftop experience unlike any other. SCADPro's team of talented students and faculty has infused Peregrin with a blend of artistic elegance and botanical beauty, creating a conservatory-themed oasis that celebrates the spirit of adventure and discovery. From the architectural details to the curated landscapes and bespoke design elements, every aspect of Peregrin now reflects a commitment to excellence and creativity.

Our partnership with SCADPro is a testament to our dedication to offering our guests an unparalleled experience. It's where the beauty of nature meets the brilliance of design, inviting you to explore, unwind, and be inspired. We are proud to showcase this innovative space to our guests and the Savannah community, inviting all to discover the new Peregrin, a place where artistry and hospitality converge under the open sky.