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Sustainability at Perry Lane

At Perry Lane Hotel, we are deeply committed to sustainability and the stewardship of our environment. As part of our ongoing efforts to promote a greener planet, we are proud to partner with BioGreen360, an innovative organization dedicated to transforming the world's food waste problem. Their mission, "Let's Change The World," and we couldn’t agree more.

Perry Lane Hotel has taken proactive steps to ensure that 100% of our food waste is converted into high-quality fertilizer. This fertilizer is then utilized to nourish the plants across our property, from our outdoor greenery all the way up to the vibrant surroundings of Peregrin, our rooftop conservatory bar. This cycle not only reduces waste but also enhances the natural beauty of our spaces, creating a healthier environment for our guests and the community.

By integrating these sustainable practices into the core of our operations, Perry Lane Hotel not only contributes to solving a global issue but also provides our guests with a green, thriving, and beautiful setting to enjoy during their stay. We believe that sustainability is not just a responsibility, but an opportunity to innovate and lead by example in the hospitality industry.