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A Vase Of Flowers On A Table
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Centerpiece Décor

Michael Skaff Workshop

Wednesday, December 4
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Moon River, Perry Lane Hotel $50/pp

Hands-on demonstration to creating a stunning centerpiece for your upcoming holiday party. Impress your guests and show off the design skills you’ve learned during this workshop.

Topics the workshop will cover:

  • Latest color & design trends
  • What style and size centerpiece best works with your home or office architecture and décor
  • Care and handling of flowers
  • How to elect and use the right container
  • Understanding balance and proportion
  • What is the best color to use for my home
  • Why adding texture and interest into your design is essential
  • Making your holiday centerpiece last
  • How to enhance a basic centerpiece
  • Placement of centerpiece within the home and usage
  • How to enhance your table centerpiece with accessories

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