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Emporium Kitchen + Wine Market

At The Emporium Kitchen + Wine Market, variety and quality take center stage in a cultural epicenter celebrating unique roots and bold originality. Bursting with vibrant energy, this local gathering place boasts an approachable, curated, highly diverse offering. The Emporium welcomes you, whether you’re staying awhile and savoring the experience with a wine-tasting or cooking class, or just stopping in for a quick gourmet sandwich and charcuterie board before heading out on your next adventure.

From fresh fish to wild foraged mushrooms, The Emporium Kitchen + Wine Market showcases locally-sourced, quality menu items that will take your dining experience to the next level. With signature fare such as Blue Hill Bay Mussels and Frites, Wood-Grilled Spring Trout, or BBQ Wagyu Brisket, this is a dining experience not to be missed.