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Join us for the quintessential Southern tradition of Afternoon Tea

The story of The Perry Lane Hotel came to life through the inspiration of Adelaide Harcourt. Adelaide is an incredible woman who has explored the globe, becoming captivated by all of its wonders. Upon her return to our enchanting city, she brought back an abundance of culture and worldliness that now emanates from within our halls. Our shelves are filled with memories of her travels, walls with the artwork that spoke to her soul, flavors of food and drink that serve as a reminder of pure enjoyment.

With that in mind, we are very pleased to announce that we are offering Afternoon Tea in the Library. While so many cultures participate in various forms of tea rituals, the South has embraced the tradition in a way that makes it all our own. From the exquisite tea sets to indulgent bites, from soothing selections to touches of booziness for those that dare, we will seek to make Afternoon Tea more than just an option for refreshments, it will become an experience, it will be an occasion to remember.

We are continuously eager to share Adelaide’s joie de vivre with the world and we would be honored if you would consider helping us to do just that.

Afternoon Tea in the Library will include your choice of hot or cold tea service as well as a variety of bites.

Our gourmet blends of tea are artisanally crafted; with an array of selections from fruity to herbal and soothing to robust, the depth of flavors will be sure to delight. You may choose hot tea held in elegant teapots or cold which is steeped, then flash-chilled, and of course, on a warm Savannah day, sweet tea is a must!

You will find an assortment of light bites including house-baked pastries, sweets, to tea sandwiches along with traditional accouterments.

$42 per person plus gratuity and tax

Add a bit of booziness to your afternoon with handcrafted teatime cocktails for an additional $20.

Be sure to make your reservation here.

National Iced Tea Day is Thursday, June 10th, and we're ready to celebrate!

Tune in to watch an Instagram Live Stream with Perry Lane & Tea Forte` for a Tipsy Tea demo at 5pm est by following @teaforteofficial